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An online magazine devoted to literary short fiction, was active from 2000-2005, featuring original stories, as well as interviews, news, books, and more in an effort to give short fiction a quality venue of its own. The site was founded in 2000 by Dara Albanese and Wendy Ball and listed in the Novel and Short Story Writer's Market, published by Writer's Digest Books. The Co-Publishers have collaborated on a number of projects, most recent of which is an adaptation of a short story published by for the screen -- James Iredell's Property of the Church.
what's been said about collectedstories:
"I visit your website often & enjoy hearing about contemporary short story collections" - Nicholas Montemarano, author of A Fine Place: A Novel.
"I'm so please to be on; it's such a well-executed site" - Paul Germano.
"I just wanted to say I love your site." - Todd Pierce of
"I'm delighted to see such a well presented site dedicated to short stories"
- Adrianne Harun, author of
The King of Limbo and Other Stories...
awards/press mentions:
May 2002: Reno News & Review "From Paper to Film" by Deidre Pike.
August 2001: Writer's Guild Member News Hotlist mention by Elliot Feldman, New Media Committee
July 2001: Writer's Digest "Editor's Pick: Best Zines" by Katie DuMont, Honorable Mention in Literary/Poetry.
May 2001: Poets & Writers "Agents and The Internet, A Guide to Finding Who's Right for You" by Todd Pierce.
Writers please note: submissions are not currently being accepted.
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