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call for support
This site is a labor of love undertaken during down-time of the otherwise employed Co-Publishers, who will continue to keep it going with or without outside support for as long as they have some spare money, energy, and time. However, if you aren't a starving writer, and you've enjoyed your browse of the site, please consider dropping a coin in the collectedstories bucket. We're ready to take the next step in promoting quality short stories to the reading public, (i.e., we'd like to pay writers, hire freelance reporters, offer readings and publish a literary anthology in the future), but our pockets aren't that deep, so we can't do it without a little help from our friends. Therefore, donations are greatly appreciated and accepted online through the Amazon Honor System or Pay Pal, beginning with as little as $1.
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note: collectedstories does NOT have 501c3 status as a non-profit organization at this time.

other ways to help
  • Visit our online store and buy books.

  • Purchase goods or services through any of our associate or affiliate notices (i.e. Amazon, The Writer's Store, or Alibris), and receives a percentage of the sale.
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  • Offer your journalistic talents -- we're looking for writers who preferably, but not necessarily, reside in New York City to report news, conduct interviews and write reviews for short fiction. Send sample clips of your work (NON-RETURNABLE, COPIES ONLY PLEASE - no original work) with a cover letter of your interests to below address. All assignments are NON-PAID at this time, hence this plea for help!

P.O. Box 250626
New York, NY 10025

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