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What is
Active from 2000-2005, was an online magazine devoted to short fiction, featuring original stories, interviews, news, books, and more in an effort to give short fiction a quality venue of its own.
How often does update?
Currently the site is not updating;however, it is possible, that may be revived at a future date.
How do I submit a short story?
Stories are not being accepted at this time.
How do I protect my work?
For more information on protecting your work or for instant super fast and easy online registration, recommends:
We've tried ProtectRite, we liked it, and now, we are a ProtectRite Registered site. Incidentally, it's cheaper than the Writer's Guild.
I am not a writer; how can I take part in
Readers are encouraged to give feedback to writers via the e-mail link provided along with the story. Words of praise and fair constructive criticism are always of value to the writer and often make considerable difference in the development of one's work and style. Writing, like other art forms, comes down to communicating a story to someone else, you, the reader, the audience. Therefore, your input is of utmost importance and welcome.
How can I contact or find out more?
Please read our about/contact page.
What if my question hasn't been answered?
Please e-mail us at the below referenced link.

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