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Most of Us Are Here Against Our Will

David Levinson

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David Levinson debuted in the UK with the collection of short stories Most of Us Are Here Against Our Will (Viking, April 2004), garnering praise from Mary Gaitskill and David Levitt. A paperback printing is due by May of 2005 under the Penguin Books Ltd. imprint. Levinson's story "The Barters of Nighttime Company" can be found in the collectedstories Fall 2004 issue.

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Ashley Shelby, whose story "No Apparent Sadness" was published in the collectedstories Fall 2002 issue, has made her debut with the non-fiction Red River Rising: The Anatomy of a Flood and the Survival of an American City (Borealis Books, April 2004).

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Beulah Land, the debut story collection of Krista McGruder, who penned the story "Costs of Living" (collectedstories Fall 2000), was published by Toby Press in October of 2003.

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David Fickett, a writer whose stories "Flotsam" and "Sensible Shoes" have both been published by collectedstories, made his publishing debut in May 2002 under the Forge imprint with the novel Nectar (318 pages), a family saga that was described as "powerful and poignant" by Booklist.

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