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In April 2002, Co-Publishers Dara Albanese and Wendy Ball of completed production of a short film, Property of the Church, based on a short story of the same name by James Iredell, published in Vol. 1, No. 3: Winter 2000 issue of The film premiered that same month in New York City at Clearview Cinema's 59th Street East Theatre in Manhattan as part of the Columbia University Film Festival and is currently on the festival circuit as of September with a screening at Nemours Theatre in Wilmington, Delaware as part of the Wilmington Independent Film Festival.

Property of the Church is about a boy, Larry, who beats up one of his peers on what is supposed to be safe grounds, church property. It stars Jordan Burt as Larry and was co-produced by Albanese and Ball with Albanese directing, editing, and writing the screenplay adaptation. Albanese worked closely with short story writer Iredell throughout the process, and Iredell was present on location and at the premiere screening. The film was made in partial fulfillment of Albanese's requirements for a Master of Fine Arts degree from Columbia University's Film Division, which she received this past May.

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The Movie
Property of the Church
U.S.A., 2002, 10 Minutes, Color

Director: Dara Albanese
Producers: Dara Albanese, Wendy Ball
Director of Photography: Francis Assadi
Editor: Dara Albanese
Principal Cast: Jordan Burt, Carole Mansley and Nelson Perez


The Story
story, 2000
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